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How to Properly Recycle Your Waste in London



We can make London a clean and efficient city if we learn to recycle at least one item daily. For instance, recycling one aluminium can per day can help generate enough power to run a TV for 63 years. So, if you want to know how to recycle your waste in London properly, we have some tips for you. Let's check them out.


  1. Recycle plastic bottles


According to statistics, people throw away 16 million bottles of plastic daily—most of these bottles end up in landfills instead of recycling centres. The good news is that we can make better use of them. For example, it can crush and flatten empty bottles at recycling centres.


  1. Recycle bathroom stuff


You can also recycle toothpaste boxes, tubes, conditioner bottles, shampoo bottles, soap bottles, gel containers, and other items in your bathroom. So, you may want to collect these items and transport them to a nearby recycling centre.


  1. Rinse before recycling


You can also recycle tubs, pots and trays after a quick rinse. You don't need to clean them thoroughly as this practice can waste energy.


  1. Don't take off the lid


You don't need to remove the lid when recycling glass and jam jars. At recycling centres, glass reprocessors can easily separate lids from these items. However, you cannot send pyrex cookware as it can't be recycled.


  1. Don't recycle greasy stuff


Although it can be pretty tempting, you cannot recycle cardboard boxes, take away boxes, or Pizza boxes as they have greasy stuff. It is impossible to remove the grease as recycling these products can result in defective products.


  1. Scrunch it up


If you have no idea if a piece of paper is recyclable, all you need to do is scrunch it up. You can have it recycled if it won't spring back. Don't forget to remove any grease if you want to recycle birthday cards.


  1. Squish it


If you have a lot of cans and plastic bottles, we suggest you squish them. This approach can help you save a lot of room in your recycling can. Apart from this, squishing these items can make it easier for you to transport them to the recycling centre.


Scratching file items is a good idea so they can easily pass through the sorting process. This process will help prevent them from getting lost.


  1. Look it up


You don't need to worry if you have no idea about what and how to recycle. You can head to Recycleforlondon.com, enter your postcode, and you will get the answer. This website will provide all the information you need to recycle unwanted items.


  1. Read the label


Don't forget to read the labels before you purchase anything from the market, whether it is a soft drink, toiletry bottles or bread bags. The idea is to find out if these items can be recycled. If you follow this approach, you can purchase recyclable items and play your part in protecting your environment.


  1. Make more room


According to a survey involving 2,000 residents in London, lack of space is one of the primary challenges that prevent people from recycling. Given below are the tips that can help you deal with this challenge:


Don't throw your dirty nappies in the recycling can

Don't throw disposable medical stuff in the recycling bin, such as syringes

Don't mix up textile stuff with other recyclable items, as clothes can get wrapped around the machinery, which may cause extended downtime in the spring plants

Don't put recyclable items in a black bag, or they may be taken as rubbish.


Long story short, if you want to recycle your waste in London, we suggest you follow the tips given in this article. Following these steps will make it easier for you to recycle your waste correctly.


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